Monday, September 23, 2013

Been A While

It has been a while hasn't it? Too many things happened, and I'm now back in Malaysia. The simplest explanation I can give for why the sudden and long stop from blogging is I was focusing in my studies (not really actually, but yeah, been busy for the past 3 years).

So now let's move from the past, and focus on now and future


  1. Graduated, and back to Malaysia
  2. Employed, in a solar industry
  3. Doing some part-time business
  4. ENGAGED! Yeayy!!
  5. So, it's that time of life when I need to go around for wedding stuff. May be exciting for girls, but guys? Nah, I don't mind, as long as my fiancee is there. I wont do the shopping alone. NEVER!

  1. Business advancement
  2. Family development (hoho, how many kids? 10 is enough or not?)
  3. Car. What car to buy?
  4. House! The single most depressing thing I can think of. With the price hike, it'll be too pricey sooner rather than later
You might ask why I want to start blogging again. Actually there is this one friend of mine, who said that he gained like 6k a month from advertises on his websites. So, why dont I give it a go, right? So expect me to update this blog quite often after this.

Till then, have a good day!

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