Thursday, November 4, 2010


As I am making friends here at Ohio State University, I am concerned that not all the readers know Malay Language. So now I decided to make a post in a full English. Since this is my first post in English, do expect some grammar mistakes. There wont be any spelling mistake though, coz there will be a red line below the error, so I can easily correct it. hehe.

So. What makes it so difficult to write in full English? For me, the challenge is to make it sounds fun.

This is my 57th day here in United States, so there are a lot of things I need to learn. Making fun is one of them. I find it difficult to be humorous because I am still at the level which sometimes I need to translate the word from Malay to English.

For now, my friends are from my Statics class and from my workplace. I wont make any friends in my Material Science and my Differential Equation class because the class is so serious. There havent been any jokes! I havent laughed even once in those classes.haha. Plus, there is no one pretty in there. So it makes me kinda "duhh." I really hope that the next quarters' classes will be much enjoyable than what this quarter offers me.

In my workplace, I am working at the kitchen, and there will be times when I will work with Jacob, a white, and Deawna, an african american. With me as an asian, that makes it an interracial. Yeah guys. You heard it right. INTERRACIAL IN THE KITCHEN. hahaha.

Most of my friends will ask me, "Why do you come to United States?" At first when they asked me that, my answer will be that United States is bla bla bla, and this, and that. But now, my answer will be "My sponsor asked me to". Somehow, it works to make them feel like "Fuyyooo!!" hahaha. Then I will make a humble face. haha.

I really hope that I can improve my English. If not, there is no point I come here. AND, it will be shameful if I go back home and being asked to speak in English, but I cant. What a loser I would be. haha. So, to the people around me, please do help me to improve my English.

Moral of the day, Novemer 4th, 2010: Hunt as many animals as you can as you hunting. And learn as many things as you can as you study. ;)


miya said...

nice one. go go!
my eng getting bad here.
you know why.

Firdaus said...

what a waste. your english was much better than mine!

orange.shaker said...

practice make perfect..:)

Firdaus said...

i am and will always. thanks :)

orange.shaker said... 2..

M said...

u must make your sentence parallel.." you hunting", " you learning"

miss asnida hani said...

mantol x leh blah.

Firdaus said...

oh. thanks mantol. haha. lahanat

miya said...

waste is it? but since when my eng ok? hahahah

Akmal said...

be careful not to be offensive =)