Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Either it is because of this winter, or because of my crazy biological clock right now, I am having hard time trying to sleep at night

The only thing I know after 4 am is it is already 12 noon 

If only I have the "sleep" button just like on windows

If only this life is that easy. If only life is much simpler. If only this life is like the straight highway.

If life is thaaaaat easy, then it wouldnt be called "life". It will be called "program"

Moral of the day, February 1st, 2011: Life is meant to be complicated. Do not complain. Find ways to overcome those obstacles. 


Akmal said...

haha, kat cemara dulu aq tgk sng je ko lentok. pki boxer, kedegang landing.

Firdaus said...

Itu dulu. Skrg dah besar. Dah byk tggjwb, dah start la susah tido. hahah