Friday, February 25, 2011

Ustazah Nor Bahyah

Memang dah saaangat terlambat untuk aku cerita pasal Valentine's Day. Betul kan? haha. Tapi takpe, jangan risau. Aku bukan nak cakap pasal Valentine.

Apa yang korang dapat tau pasal Valentine's Day tahun ni?

Ramai yang dah mula keluarkan artikel-artikel yang menyatakan Valentine's Day ni tiada kena mengena dengan apa yang digembar-gemburkan sebagai menyambut hari kejatuhan Islam.

Pardon me if I'm wrong.

Dalam hal ni, aku rasa aku takkan berpihak kepada mana-mana pihak, sebab we do not know which one is the truth. Yeah, based on history, memang obviouslah mereka yang menyokong Valentine's Day ni akan menang. Namun demikian, adakah anda lupa bagaimana negara-negara Barat boleh claim each and every inches of Science knowledge as theirs? Ke mana hilangnya Ibnu Bathutta, Ibnu Sina, dan segala ilmuan Islam yang lain daripada Science history? I am not accusing the Westerner of hiding the truth, nor do I wanna say that we started a lie. It is just that it makes me wonder, how can such a great philosopher being forgotten by history just like that? Or should I say they miss those names? I do not know. I dont have enough proofs to say which side of story is the real truth, because each side claims that they are the truth. 

Maybe it is just the case of who leads or conquers this world. Like how parents affect their family's way of thinking. Or is it maybe because there is no one in our side brave enough to stand, and speak in the science and history societies. I do not know of all of these either. 

But I do know that in respecting others, we cannot hex, scold, or curse others in public, not to say that it can be broadcasted all over the world, through This is what happened to Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah.

This started when she said that sex and whatsoever being done in Valentine's Day is Christianity's culture. She also said about some history background of the day. I know and I understand why the Christians are so mad at this statement. Sex is not their culture, it is just human's nature. What I do not understand is why the muslims are so into this statements? Why did they acted like they were they one who're being offended?

I am really upset with this situation. There are even video responses to the video of Ustazah's statement. They attacked Ustazah because they claim that Ustazah's explanation of the Valentine's Day's history is not true. I cannot explain much about this because history is not something that certain. According to one of the video responses, they asked Ustazah to study history first, then only can she say anything about it. She has studied it indeed. But in our context of history. As I said before, history has two sides of story. Maybe more if we count the Chinese, Indians, Africans, and South Americans. They all have their own story. I am not dare enough to say that those guys are wrong, but please, there are many other ways you can explain to her that she's wrong.

And so what if she is really wrong? Does it mean you can happily celebrate Valentine's Day? If that is so, go on. Celebrate it then. No one gonna stop you.

As what I can see, she was just doing her job, to always "amar makruf nahi munkar." She said all of that so that we, Muslims, would never give out ourselves to our partners, or in other word, zina. 

For me, it is on the individuals itself whether they want to celebrate it or not. But when it comes to sex, it is a big NO. And that is what Ustazah wants to prevent. Yeah, she did said that we cannot celebrate the day, but in my opinion, it is good, because if we do not celebrate it, the tendency for us to do sex is dramatically dropped. 

Come on guys. She is such a good woman. Do you still remember about her "Cakar Harimau"? At that time, we all praised her. But now, when she did one little mistake, the whole community of teenagers hate her. Why? Kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga

Moral hari ini, February 25, 2011: Dont take one thing superficially. Analyze them, and take what's good from it. And please, buang yang keruh, ambil yang jernih. Maafkanlah kesilapan Ustazah Nor Bahyah.


miss asnida hani said...
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miss asnida hani said...

*ehem* actually tak boleh nak salah kan mana-mana pihak. setiap orang is educated with different ways of education which then influences their mentalities. That is why some people judge someone without using the critical thinking method. Maybe they never know that we must scrutinize something before make any conclusions. Or memang their *culture yang macam tu. Orang salah sikit terus attack.

*Culture tu meluas. Not refer to any specific races only. :)

Firdaus said...

Thank you ah As. Aku nak cakap pasal ni gak td, but x tau nak selit kat mana. So thank you lah kau tlg aku selit kat comment

Fatin Inani said...

well.. aku actually bersetuju dengan kau.. aku tak nampak kenapa orang nak marah gila, org christian yes, but orang yang reply kat video tue, muslim maksud aku marah2 cakap kasar2.. even x suka pandangan dia pun, bg aku thats not the way.. and aku x kata jgak ustzh btol.. tapi amik la isu dia yang dia cuba sampaikan instead controversial kan isu tue.. that's not the main point here.. :D

alley vava said...

Aku pon sokong dgn kau. Tapi aku takde lah cakap ustazah tu betul. Cuma aku rasa kesilapan dia kecil. Tersalah cakap. Niat dia baik. Bagi aku next time dia perlu tapis ayat2 supaya x mengguris mana2 pihak.

And untuk orang yang lebih2 nak blame ustazah tu, aku pon rasa mcm pahape. Semua org akan tend utk wat salah. Kenapa nak hukum teruk sangat. i think Ustazah tu should be given a chance to apologize. (aku xtau dah diberi belum sbb dah x ikut perkembangan)

Sedih jugak tgk orang Islam sendiri macam membesar2kan hal ni. kenapa tak damaikan dua2 pihak je